March WECare Spotlight: Roo


Little Roo was spotted and picked up by the WECarers as he was missing half of his leg and although someone had tried to bandage it, he needed a lot more than that to fix him up and they could see that straight away. 


Once they had him back at the centre they could see what damage had been done and sadly it looked as though his leg had been chopped off. Despite this he was really happy to be around the team and the other dogs and they had no problem giving him the care he needed.

The team decided to amputate the whole leg, and kept him at the centre until he was fully recovered - which didn't take long! As soon as they let him out in the garden with the other dogosaurs he was running around with them as if nothing had happened, so the team were able to release him back. He is now lucky enough to have the teams watchful eyes on him in case he gets into trouble again, as well as the local rice man who is looking after his safety as well. Brilliant.  

If you think WECare are as incredible as I do, why not join us for our next pack walk to raise money for their great cause?


January WECare Spotlight: Lassie

Our spotlight is back, and this time it's beautiful Lassie! She was attacked by three wild boar and had multiple critical injuries as the boars tusks had gone through her chest and abdomen. Her prognosis was sadly very poor, however, the team performed three major surgeries - a thorocatomy to stitch up the wounds, a leg amputation, and an intestinal surgery...

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May WECare Spotlight: Doris

Doris was first picked up by the WECare dog catching team at their March CNVR (catch, neuter, vaccinate, release) day. They realised immediately that something wasn't right with her - her back left leg appeared to have a femoral fracture, so they decided to take her in to the WECare clinic to be checked over and treated...

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Dogosaur Easter Egg Hunt

Everyone had a fabulous time at our Dogosaur Easter Egg hunt yesterday - canine and human alike! We hid 75 eggs around the park, and had about 25 teams take part. We managed to raise a wopping great big £71.75 for Dogs Trust on the day, so a massive thank you to all that came along and helped make it such a great day. Same again next year?!

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Dogosaur Body Language

It's important to remember that our dogosaurs can be sensitive souls, and for us to understand what their body language means. Whether you're wondering what your doggo is trying to say, or looking at an unfamiliar dog's body language in the park - have a look at these images to understand what it all means. If you see an unfamiliar dog that is showing signs of fear or aggression, best keep walking and not allow your dog to approach it (or at least check with the owner first!)

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Natural Remedies for Dogosaur ailments

Over the past few years I have learnt a lot about what natural remedies can be used for doggy problems, rather than immediately rushing off to the vet and getting all sorts of chemically badness that might not always be necessary. If you keep a few of these in your cupboard it may help prevent problems, and also aid some problems quicker (and cheaper) than a trip to the vets...

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