Dog Friendly Pubs in Newbury

These are some of my favourite pubs to go to with the Jurassic Bark pack...

The Red House - This is top of the list as far as I'm concerned. We've been going here for years and (as with a lot of pubs) if you sit in the bar area, dogs are more than welcome. The food here is excellent as well - all locally sourced and the majority of the meat is free range so thumbs up all around!

The Lock Stock and Barrel - These guys are mega dog friendly - they don't give our furry companions limited seating arrangements and they have dog treats by the bar... They will even provide little dishes for your doggos to eat said treats off of.

The Crown and Garter - Although the Crown and Garter is a bit further out (Inkpen), it's definitely worth a visit. The food is delicious (mostly organic/ free range meat), there are plenty of great walks around the area, and their garden is great too. 

The Yew Tree - Who would've thought such a posh place is dog friendly?! Dogs are only allowed in the bar area, which is not uncommon, but they are more than happy for you to bring your dog with you to have a swanky bite to eat. If you fancy a romantic night out but can't bear to leave Fido at home - this is the place.

Outside at The Yew Tree

Outside at The Yew Tree