The Benefits of Raw Feeding

I've been feeding my dogs raw food now for about 2 years and I would never go back. Their skin is smoother, their coats are thicker, and their eyes are twinklier! 

What we have to remember is dogs were hunters and scavengers long before we humans got involved, and they weren't hunting for kibble or tinned food... Dogs are finely-tuned carnivores, anatomically assembled to accommodate raw meat.


Raw, unlike their cooked or over-processed rivals, provides extra nutritious goodness, enhanced vitality and stamina and a natural shield against all manner of unfortunate afflictions ranging from: runny stools, bad breath, inflamed gums, discoloured teeth, itchy skin and lacklustre coats.

The company I buy Patch and Aslan's dinner from is a company called Nutriment. Their range comes with added vegetables, oils and natural supplements that can help your dog with anything from patchy skin to behaviour issues. 

A lot of people don't realise but wheat isn't always a dogs best friend - a lot of them are actually allergic and unable to digest it properly, and unfortunately a lot of processed dog food does contain wheat. If your dog is suffering from a skin allergy or red pads then it may be down to this and might be worth trying a change in diet. If you want to know more, check out the Nutriment website. There are plenty of other companies that sell raw food (do a quick Google search if you're interested). Personally I like Nutriment because they do an organic range and I like to be careful where my meat comes from!