Jurassic Bark and WECare Worldwide

I am very excited to announce that as of April 2017, Jurassic Bark are now officially supporting WECare Worldwide - a charity working to save the lives of street dogs in Sri Lanka.


Founder Janey Lowes set the charity up in 2014 after visiting Sri Lanka on holiday and seeing the poor condition these dogs were living in. The charity focuses on three main functions - CNVR (catch-neuter-vaccinate-release), treatment of sick and injured animals and education and training.

The team will catch and neuter stray dogs to help control the street dog population, and reduce the number of abandoned, unwanted puppies. This also means that bitches who may otherwise spend their entire lives being pregnant, or caring for puppies, are able to live healthier lives where they are able to take care of just themselves with the limited resources they are able to find on the streets. The team also vaccinate the dogs against rabies (1,394 dogs to date) which not only helps the dogs, but also means that the human population are less likely to contract the disease. 

Unfortunately the dogs in Sri Lanka aren't as beloved as our canine companions in the UK, and this leads to a lot of them becoming injured or sick, with nobody to care for them. Janey and the team look after any dogs they come across that need help - this can be anything from road traffic accidents, to dog fights. Without the WECare team, these dogs would die a slow, unneccesary death, with some of the injuries being fairly easy to treat with the right knowledge and equipment. As a vet herself, this was one of the main reasons for Janey's inspiration to set up the charity. 

The other task the WECare team have set upon themselves is to educate the community in the hopes that they learn to care for their animals, whether that is showing them the benefits of taking on and looking after a dog, or helping the local veterinary practices enhance their skills, the team are on hand to encourage Sri Lankans to embrace and love dogs as we do here in the UK. 


I couldn't be happier for Jurassic Bark to be affiliated with WECare - their work is incredible, and we will be following their story as they go on to save more and more of the lost dogs of Sri Lanka. Each month we will be hearing from Janey and the team about a case that has touched their hearts, and learning how WECare's efforts enhances the lives of some very special dogosaurs - so watch this space! 

To learn more about WECare Worldwide and their incredible work visit www.wecareworldwide.org.uk or follow them on Facebook