August WECare Spotlight: Brownie


August's star dogosaur is the beautiful Brownie. This little girl was brought into the WECare clinic back in May by her owners after she returned home from an adventure with an extremely severe burn wound which covered pretty much here entire right side. Sadly Brownie wasn't brought to the team right away which meant that her wound had attracted a lot of flies, and it had become riddled with maggots. The poor girl was in a world of pain and clearly very scared, but with lots of love and pain relief she soon calmed down and with a few days of maggot picking, the team finally managed to clean her wound.

The next stage was recovery - lots and lots of bandaging and Manuka honey. The honey is filled with antioxidants and anti-microbial properties - making it the perfect healing agent (we always keep a pot here at Jurassic Bark HQ for that very reason) and as an added bonus, it's rather tasty, so of course it wasn't long before Brownie clocked onto this! 

Now her favourite day is bandage day, making sure she gets a few sneaky licks in to satisfy her new sweet tooth! 


Brownie’s been very lucky as she was treated with a newly air-conditioned recovery area and big soft bed which means this princess has been totally spoilt by the WECare team. Brownie loves to play but quite often it's a game of hide and seek. She likes to source a sneaky spot for a chill out inside the WECare centre, and apparently she's quite creative with where she doses off!

Searching for Brownie and returning her back to the resident gang outside has become a daily routine for the WECarers!

The team tell me Brownie really has become part of the furniture at the clinic, with her warm brown eyes, big smile, loving personality and sweet nature its hard not to fall in love with this little dogosaur! Her wound is very close to being completely healed which means very soon she’ll be able to return home to her family - well done WECarers!

For more information on WECare and the dogosaurs they have saved, check out their website or Facebook page

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