Introducing Katie!


Welcoming our newest pack member, Katie! From May 13th 2019, Katie will be joining our pack and helping walk our lovely dogosaurs.

We are very excited to have her on board, she will be a great edition to our pack. She is a proper dog lover (of course!), and has had plenty of experience handling her own, sometimes challenging, Rottweilers.

Although she hasn’t walked a large group of dogs before, the challenges some of her own dogs have posed mean we know she’ll be able to handle a group, especially after 2 weeks of training with Jurassic Bark Boss Sophie! Her current Rottweiler, Busby, is a bit unsure about both people and other dogs, so she has experience handling all 60kg of him when he is reacting to certain situations.

Katie has worked as a Chef for the past 30 years and has decided to now follow her passion and join the Jurassic Bark pack. She is super excited for May when she will be officially out with the dogosaurs every day, properly living the dream! She has already joined for a few pack walks, and will be there on the 11th of May for our walk around Newtown, as well as our canine first aid course on the 12th.

Katie will be fully insured and canine first aid trained before she is walking on her own, and has a van with customised crates for the dogs’ safety and comfort en route to and from their walks with her.

If you live in the area and you think you might need some dogosaur walking help, then get in touch as we will have some extra spaces once she comes on board!