The 100 Walk Challenge, Walk 3: Pangbourne

Today we ventured into Pangbourne for a walk starting at the centre of the town, and heading round past the river and through some lovely open meadows.


We parked in the public car park opposite the Aston Martin/ Lamborghini garages, which is a pay and display car park - based on today you’ll need £1.70 for the walk as it took us just over an hour. Head out of the car park and cross the zebra crossing, then walk right towards the mini roundabout and go left here, then left again at the next mini roundabout, to go underneath the railway line.

Follow this same road until you reach Pangbourne River Meadow Car park, on the right. Head into the footpath here, with the car park building on your right - towards the river. Follow the river until you get to a footpath gate. Once you’ve gone through here, turn immediately right to follow the path until you reach the railway again. Go right here, and then left to go underneath the tracks again. Follow the road round to the right until you see a footpath sign on the right, and go through the gate into the field.

When you reach the end of this field, you’ll need to go back on the road. Head right and then immediately left to cross onto the next road. About 5/10 minutes walking down here, and you’ll see a footpath on the right, going through a meadow. Follow this footpath back towards Pangbourne - you should come out behind some houses and then hit the road back where the first few mini roundabouts were!

The off road bits were lovely and scenic on this beautiful sunny day!