The 100 Walk Challenge, Walks 4 & 5: St Mary Bourne & Whitchurch


Yesterday I headed to St Mary Bourne, about 20 minutes from Newbury. The walk took us about an hour, and about half of it was along roads, so to be honest it wasn’t our favourite. It’s a very cute little village but possibly better to walk either without a dog, or not with 3 that get quite fed up on leads (they’re used to doing what they want on walks!). If you want to give it a go, the walk is called ‘St Mary Bourne and Derrydown’ on iFootpath 😊.

Today, for walk number 5, we went to Whitchurch - again, about 20 minutes from Newbury. The walk starts in the middle of the town from a free car park, and with that considered, there really isn’t that much road walking which is great. However, this is a very rural walk that goes through a lot of fields that could contain livestock. We went through one paddock with sheep, and another with cows. We also crossed through one that had a sign saying there were cows with calves and to keep your distance, but luckily they weren’t in there at the time. If you have a dog who doesn’t go crazy when they see livestock then this would be lovely for you - sadly mine do so the paddocks with sheep and cows were fun!

The first footpath where you enter a field was very nettley as well, which wasn’t ideal in shorts, so possibly one for earlier in the year or with jeans on! The boys didn’t mind though.

There were definitely some beautiful sections of this walk, though it was a shame the dogs couldn’t get in the river at any points to cool off. That didn’t stop Aslan from launching himself in at one stage though, meaning I had to scoop him out!

The walk is circular and took us 2 hours. If you want to give it a go it is called ‘Whitchurch and River Test Mills’ on iFootpath.