May WECare Spotlight: Doris


Doris was first picked up by the WECare dog catching team at their March CNVR (catch, neuter, vaccinate, release) day. They realised immediately that something wasn't right with her - her back left leg appeared to have a femoral fracture, so they decided to take her in to the WECare clinic to be checked over and treated. 

Doris was a lively puppy who craved attention but this fracture was an awkward one, so in order to help her leg heal she needed to not be using it or running around, so they had to put her in isolation. After 8 long weeks of heavy bandaging, splints and lots of rest, her leg finally healed, although at a slightly odd angle. The WECare team were concerned at first but once they let her out to socialise with the other residents their doubts were soon washed away - Doris was running around playing without a care in the world!

Doris has grown lots since they first found her and the WECare team assure me she is full of personality and life! Always demanding attention whether from WECarers or the other WECare dogosaurs. 

They are now looking for a forever home for this loveable little pup. For more information on WECare and the dogosaurs they have saved, check out their website or Facebook page