Restless Remedies for your Dogosaur

Do you have a doggo that is particularly restless? Maybe he barks excessively at what appears to be nothing, maybe he runs round the house like he's being chased by a Velociraptor, or maybe he's chewing everything in site? Have a read of these tips to keep your dogosaur from becoming a destructosaur...

Toys. Seems pretty obvious, but some toys will entertain different dogs depending on what stimulates them. For example, some dogs need to tug. My boys are forever playing tug of war with each other, and some toys just aren't up to the challenge. If your dog is a tugger, I wouldn't necessarily recommend cuddly toys with stuffing in them as you can imagine how that goes down... If your dog is a chaser or a fetcher then balls will be your best friend. Be careful not to throw excessively though as you may end up with a dog that is completely obsessed and won't leave you alone with his ball. 

If you have a chewer, then try giving your dog an antler to chew instead, or Kongs are pretty durable. You can also put treats in the Kong to keep Fido entertained - I normally put raw meat in the boys' and pop it in the freezer so it takes them a while to get through it. You can give certain bones to your dogs, but avoid cooked poultry bones and ham bones as these can be dangerous for our dogosaurs little tums. Marrow bones are my boys' favourites.

If your dog is just plain mad and is bouncing off the walls, then he may need more mental stimulation as well as physical. A very active dog will generally need at least 2 hours of exercise a day, regardless of size. My tiny terriers get at least that - and they'd go on and on if they could! If you think your dog is getting all the exercise he needs and is still loopy, you could try doing agility classes with him - most dogs absolutely love it, and it makes them think as well as physically exert themselves. If you join a group class, it will be great for socialisation too. 

You could also try doing search and find activities with your dog - either using treats or their favourite toy, whatever motivates them. You can do this at home, in the garden, or out on a walk. Hide whatever you have chosen to play the game with and ask your dog to find it - encouraging him and praising him when he is near the object. To begin with, you will need to allow your dog to see where you have hidden it, until he understands the game, at which point you can make it harder by not allowing him to see where you have put it, and again asking him to search for it.

If your dog enjoys water, swimming is an excellent form of exercise, just as it is for us. Particularly for large breeds, as they have so much weight to handle (running isn't great for larger breeds as it can cause joint problems), and if your dog has delicate limbs. Even if you just find a lake and throw a stick in there for him - aquatic dogosaurs will love you for it!

If you have a healthy doggo that loves to run, you could always step it up a notch and go either running or cycling with him. My boys love to run, and we have been to the New Forest a few times for a good bike ride in the woods. I wouldn't recommend this for dogs under the age of 1, or large dogs as it can cause problems with their health - always check with your vet if you are unsure.

Finally - if you have a rather strong dogosaur that enjoys pulling.. you might want to give dog scooting a go. Just make sure you can stop him once he starts to pull you!

As always, if you have any questions, get in touch, and enjoy keeping your crazy dogosaurs entertained!