The 100 Walk Challenge, Walks 6 & 7: Sulham Woods and Aston

For walk number 6, Emma showed us Sulham Woods. It is pretty easy to find as it has it’s own car park, which shows up on Google maps. There are 2 sides you can walk on - Emma showed us one side and then the following day we went back to adventure on the other! Both sides are a great walk, Patch and Sabre went crazy chasing after squirrels, they love the woods. You will probably cross paths with other dog walkers as it’s a popular spot, and you can easily make an hour or more out of your walk on either side. As it’s a woodland with several different paths, I will leave it to you to adventure with your dogosaurs at your own behest - enjoy!



For walk number 7, we joined our lovely friend Christie for a walk along the river in Aston. I still need to get some pictures of the route to explain it better, but you will need to head to Ferry Lane in Aston - this is a dead end lane that has a little car parking area at the end right on the river. You can find it by finding The Flower Pot pub (which is great if you want to stop in with your dogosaurs pre or post walk!) - postcode RG9 3DG. Once you have parked you will see a footpath gate to the left of the river, head through here and walk alongside the river. We did a circular walk that crossed back over some roads and back through wooded areas, but to better explain that I will need to walk it another time myself as I was too busy catching up to take pictures of each turning! I will update this post as soon as I have those, so watch this space if you’re interested! In the mean time, you can take your dogosaurs for a walk down the river and turn back whenever you fancy it - there are a few spots they can get in to cool off too.